Peace Doves for MLK Jr. Day

20140113-154101.jpgThis is such a great activity to do while talking about Martin Luther King Jr. Day. My older kids (4th and 6th grade) are at the perfect age to understand what MLK Jr was all about and what he stands for. While my youngest (pre-k) needs practice with cutting and tracing. Finding an activity that spans the seven year gap between kids is priceless!

I found this great idea from Inner Child Fun . Cheap and easy crafting with the kiddos while we talk about one of our great American heroes.

20140113-154145.jpgWhat you need:
Coffee filters (I happened to have bleached and unbleached)
Dove template (you can print one off at Inner Child Fun or create your own)

20140113-154211.jpgOnce you have your template, simply lay it over your filter that is folded in half. Trace and cut. Lay your string down the middle and tape at the head and tail. String up for a peaceful decoration!




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