Peace Doves for MLK Jr. Day

20140113-154101.jpgThis is such a great activity to do while talking about Martin Luther King Jr. Day. My older kids (4th and 6th grade) are at the perfect age to understand what MLK Jr was all about and what he stands for. While my youngest (pre-k) needs practice with cutting and tracing. Finding an activity that spans the seven year gap between kids is priceless!

I found this great idea from Inner Child Fun . Cheap and easy crafting with the kiddos while we talk about one of our great American heroes.

20140113-154145.jpgWhat you need:
Coffee filters (I happened to have bleached and unbleached)
Dove template (you can print one off at Inner Child Fun or create your own)

20140113-154211.jpgOnce you have your template, simply lay it over your filter that is folded in half. Trace and cut. Lay your string down the middle and tape at the head and tail. String up for a peaceful decoration!




Milky Way Puppy Chow: AKA Kitty Chow


Oh my goodness! So this all started because my daughter HATES peanut butter.  Or at least she thinks does.  She used to love Puppy Chow… until she found out that it had peanut butter in it!  I did some searching and came up with this yummy recipe from Chef In Training.  It was the perfect addition to our little New Year Eve’s party with the kiddos. Why in the world I chose to make this irresistible version of Puppy Chow the very day I weigh in for my new Diet Bet Challenge is beyond me! 

20131231-163706.jpgHer recipes calls for:

7 full size Milky Way Bars (approximately 13-14 ozs. if you are using a different size)

8-9 cups of Chex Cereal

1/2 Cup butter

3/4 Cup powdered sugar (I used at least a cup)


Using low heat, melt that butter…


slowly melt the candy bars….


Pour in the Chex cereal and gently fold until the cereal is covered…


From here I took the 3/4 cup of powdered sugar and sprinkled it on top. Put the lid on the large pot and shake.  Hold on tight! The last thing you want is Kitty Chow all over the floor!  I opened it up and found it in need of quite a bit more sugar… I just added straight from the bag.  Shake until all that caramel-y goodness is covered.


I like to spread it out cool so it doesn’t clump together…

20131231-163753.jpgBeware of snitches! So hard to resist when it is warm, chewy and sweet!  In our house it’s been dubbed Kitty Chow.  Mainly to set it apart from it’s well know cousin Puppy Chow, but also simply because my kids are obsessed with cats!

Farewell to 2013


Thanks to the girls over at the Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans I’ve got a few questions to ask myself today:

What did you accomplish in 2013 that you are proud of?
This is our second year of homeschooling and I feel that as we started our school year this fall things have really come together. We are learning and enjoying being together. 
What didn’t work for you in 2013?
Comparing myself to others or who I think I should be. I am realizing I need to just celebrate who I am and only compete against myself.  (I know, duh!)
What made you happy in 2013?
That my family and I were able to relocate to our dream location in southwest Florida.
What was your biggest challenge in 2013?
Not having a steady routine. We had too many transitions and upheavals.  A three month stay in a hotel suite with four kids, road trips, selling our home, moving, more road trips, staying with family for seven weeks, adjusting to a new town.
What happened that you need to let go of?
I have gained 10 pounds this year.  It is what is. I need to move forward and do more of what makes me awesome!